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The Psychology Of Risk. Mastering Market Uncertainty
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The Psychology Of Risk. Mastering Market Uncertainty

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One of the financial world's most respected experts on the psychology of risk provides a revolutionary risk management model Over the past three decades investors have adopted all varieties of complex quantitative systems for quantifying and managing risk

He also provides rigorous guidelines that will help readers answer such crucial questions as: How much should I trade? How much risk can I handle? and When should I get out?

He develops a dynamic new risk management model that combines quantitative models and money management techniques

Kiev illustrates the various psychological and emotional traps to which even the savviest investors can fall victim

This book bridges the gap between investor psychology and quantitative risk management with a revolutionary risk management program that virtually any trader or investor can easily adapt to their goals and personalities

Using numerous fascinating real-life case studies, Dr

Yet, sophisticated investors and money managers continue to suffer record losses in today’s increasingly volatile markets