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Уфология: наука о непознанном
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Current Signature Analysis For Condition Monitoring Of Cage Induction Motors. Industrial Application And Case Histories
# 348423262

Current Signature Analysis For Condition Monitoring Of Cage Induction Motors. Industrial Application And Case Histories

10 923 р.

Provides coverage of Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) for cage induction motors This book is primarily for industrial engineers

A number of cases are presented where abnormal operation of the driven load was diagnosed

At this company he provided consulting services to customers, assisted in product development, trained sales and field service staff and reviewed stator winding partial discharge reports

Chapter 13 presents a critical appraisal of MCSA including successes, failures and lessons learned via industrial case histories

He has co-authored two books on electrical machine insulation design, evaluation, aging, testing and repair and was principal author of a number of Electric Power Research Institute reports on motor repair

He has published 72 papers on condition monitoring of induction motors in a variety of engineering journals such as IEEE Transactions (USA), IEE Proceedings (UK), and also at numerous International IEEE and IEE conferences

He is a senior member of the IEEE, a fellow of the IEE (IET) in the UK and a Chartered Professional Engineer registered in the UK

Ian Culbert was a Rotating Machines Specialist at Iris Power Qualitrol since April 2002 until his very untimely death on 8th September, 2015

Ian was a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada and a Senior Member of IEEE.

It has 13 chapters and contains a unique data base of 50 industrial case histories on the application of MCSA to diagnose broken rotor bars or unacceptable levels of airgap eccentricity in cage induction motors with ratings from 127 kW (170 H.P.) up to 10,160 kW (13,620 H.P.)


The case histories are presented in a step by step format, with predictions and outcomes supported by current spectra and photographic evidence to confirm a correct or incorrect diagnosis The case histories are presented in detail so readers fully understand the diagnosis The authors have 108 years of combined experience in the installation, maintenance, repair, design, manufacture, operation and condition monitoring of SCIMs There are 10 questions at the end of chapters 1 to 12 and answers can be obtained via the publisher Current Signature Analysis for Condition Monitoring of Cage Induction Motors serves as a reference for professional engineers, head electricians and technicians working with induction motors

The case studies also illustrate the effects of mechanical load dynamics downstream of the motor on the interpretation of current signatures

There are also unsuccessful case histories, which is another unique feature of the book

Thomson is Director and Consultant with EM Diagnostics Ltd, in Scotland

Thomson received a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering in 1973 and an MSc in 1977 from the University of Strathclyde

To obtain the solutions manual for this book, please send an email to [email protected]

William T